CS800 and CS800D Mounts

We have had many requests to develop mounts for the CS800 and CS800D control head. There have not been any in the market and the Connect Systems CS800 and CS800D users really wanted a way to mount the remote head of this wonderful transceiver in their car. You will find very good solutions for mounting the control head on this page. Please note you will need to purchase the CS800 bezel http://www.csi-radios.com/cs800-mounting-bezel/the CS800D bezel http://www.csi-radios.com/cs800d-mounting-bezel/from Connect Systems for our mounts to work. Simply attach our adapter plate to the bezel and you can attach the control head to any of our mounts. If you already have the mount all you need is our 4 hole amps adapter plate. You may already have it. You can either drill 4 holes in the bezel to match the holes in our adapter plate our use our Amps plate that comes with 3m adhesive backing. Both can be found on this page. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at jim@lidomounts.com



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