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Parts and Connectors > Heavy-Duty Sticky Suction Base with 25mm Ball
Heavy-Duty Sticky Suction Base with 25mm Ball

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Prod. Code: SPRM079

This 80mm sticky suction base mounts easily to flat surfaces, such as car dashboards, tables, or desks with a one-touch lever. SPRM079 features a heavy-duty base that uses a powerful combination of polyurethane gel and suction to provide a maximum surface bond. The 25mm (1 inch) ball head is compatible with Arkon or other third-party 25mm compatible mounts, including those from RAM Mount. To install, simply clean the mounting area with the included alcohol pad to ensure an optimum grip, then set the pedestal and push down on the one-touch lever to engage the suction. While powerfully strong, the sticky suction mount is also easily removable and reusable. If it has a drop in suction, just rinse the pad with a mild liquid soap and warm water, and then let air dry to restore the suction.