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Ham Radio Mounts > New 28" Seat Rail Mount Versions For All Transceivers
New 28" Seat Rail Mount Versions For All Transceivers

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Prod. Code: LM-300-28

A lot of customers with trucks have been asking us for a longer seat rail mount for quite some time now. Well....here it is. This mount is a gooseneck style shaft and is 28 inches long from the base to the top of the mount. Perfect for "Big" "Semi" trucks or someone that just wants their control head a bit higher in their vehicle. Please note you will need the remote head kit from the manufacturer of your transceiver, that is not included in this offer.

The seat rail mount is made of strong yet flexible aluminum, and is ideal for service vehicles, trucks, or those who need easy access to their devices but prefer mounting them somewhere other than the windshield or dashboard. Use a socket wrench to install the mount to the car’s seat rail. Loosen the passenger seat track bolt, insert the included seat track bolt bracket (2 different brackets are included for various seat rail configurations), and then retighten the bolt. Bend the 28” gooseneck and rotate the swivel ball adapter head for 360-degree rotation for exact positioning of the device.

We have versions for all transceivers on the market today, but you will need the manufacturers remote head kit for this one to work properly. You can purchase those from the manufacturer or authorized dealer. Many manufacturers are including the remote kits with the transceivers now.

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.