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NEW! Seat Bolt Mount For Icom ID-5100 IC2730A

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Price: $39.95
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Prod. Code: LM-300 ID-5100

This a great alternative to Icom's mouning system for the ID-5100 and IC-2730A  which consists of the MBA-2 and the MBF-1  that will set you back about $120.00.

This mount is very sturdy and can be installed in a few minutes. If you can see the bolt that holds your passenger seat in place, this mount will work very well for you.

It is made of a solid rod of aluminum that is very rigid, but can be twisted into position for the best viewing angle in your car.

The mount attaches directly to the Icom ID-5100 or IC-2730A control head with the screws that are included with the mounting kit.

The seat bolt mount is 18" high, but we also offer a 22" version if you need it